Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cara Fairbairn Jewellery Class @ The Craft Shop

Exciting news!! Come JOIN the jewellery making banter!!

Cara Fairbairn will be back at The Craft Shop, Royal Exchange Theatre again this year teaching simple Jewellery Techniques so if your interested come join us for the banter. I will be taking a three hour Jewellery Class, 10.30am - 1.30pm, teaching the basics on how to successfully string, bead and crimp bracelets and necklace and also hive an introduction into wire work that can then be applied to make earring, pendents, bracelets, rings.... whatever you fancy really! And that all depends on how far your enthusiasm, imagination and talent takes you.

So if you have ever felt that you'd like to give the jewellery business a whirl then here is the oppertunity... plus the morning will include tea and biscuits - WINNER! Spaces are limited and are sold via the ticket office at the Royal Exchange Theatre. Tickets cost £25 in total and all beads, wire, materials, tools and equipment are included in the price - and you will be able to take your creations home with you!

If you have any questions regarding this you can contact Rachael at the Craft Shop as she is the women in the know! Call her on 0161 833 9833 or contact via the website,

Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester on the day - a wee image from last years jewellery workshop to get us all excited...
Cara xx

Jewellery Halt...

Well it has been a frustrating couple of weeks... silver is in, design are drawn up yet its me who is the fail! Struggling to find time at the moment to get into the workshop early doors and get focused - which as you know for me is mighty frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrustrating!! I am hoping that after a rare restful weekend that i will be hitting the workshop at 8am prompt, 5 days next week and get a bulk of the new collection underway - still aiming for that April Launch - fingers crossed!!

On a better note it has been a good Valentines Day for Cara Fairbairn Jewellery!! As much as i personally don't rate the 'Hallmark Holiday' - my only enjoyment for it comes from chuckling at couples out for dinner on the Kings Road, eating a love heart shaped pancake with a love heart balloon looming above both their seats! That's exactly what you want - my jewellery customers love it so happy days!

So here's to a cup full of motivation and Deco Collection 2011!

Cara xx