Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Biscuit Factory Exhibition

New collection still under production! Exciting Times! On schedule for the 1st of April Launch now that i've purchased my swanky new Bunsen!! Also experimenting with new stones, new materials and some silversmithing pieces - so we shall see how that develops!

However still keeping myself busy - i have an exhibition opening this Friday Night at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle upon Tyne so if you are in the area please do feel free to pop along! The exhibition will run for a number of weeks, so for directions and more information regarding opening times etc please visit - www.thebiscuitfactory.com

The Biscuit Factory, in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, is the largest commercial gallery in Britain is over 35,000 square feet with two floors of exhibition spaces and two floors of artist studios. Its great to be able to exhibit in such a grande location, alongside such a great number of different British jewellers.

Here's hoping its a successful exhibition!

Cara xx

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