Thursday, 15 April 2010

La new website - Its B-e-a-utiful!

Hey y'all!

Today has been a grande, grande, grande day!! Today is finally the launch of my brand spanking new ecommerce website! Woop woop!!

You look? You like?! You Buy?? - dooooooo it!!

Check the branding eh? young Fairbairn's signature, proud!?

This new look website is a massive stepping stone for me and represents the next phase of Cara Fairbairn Contemporary Jewellery. I have so much passion and enthusiasm, so much i want to explore, new collections and creations, develop new techniques, challenge materials - challenge myself!

Since initially launching in March 2009 i have learned many lessons, grown as an individual, designer and jeweller and now feel confident and ready to pelt full steam ahead on the career path! Exciting times!! Indeed!

Would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the folk who have helped with the development of this website. John and Morag, treeeeeemendous people @ Fission Creative - - who worked tirelessly on this project and i can assure you this wouldn't have happened without them - I'm duff with technology! Much appreciated! Plus the sister, and fabulous social media-er, Miss Suzanne Fairbairn @ TwentyOne Marketing Communications - - for the support and insight! - ok putting an end to this out pour of emotion before this becomes like the Oscars and i start to well up!!

Mucho ta to all!

Grande Times.

Cara xxx

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