Friday, 21 January 2011

And so it begins... Collection Three!!

And so it begins indeed! It has been a busy week of sketching, finalising designs and working on prototypes... but i can tell you its feeling good!! It has been grande to get back in the workshop and to be physically making and soldering again - mind you it has been a nice few weeks off after the mayhem of Christmas orders!!! Now to the calm production of Collection three, seeing where the design takes me and producing work that 'ticks all the boxes.' However the 6am start, ooooooft don't miss them, but the production is grande!

I love the designing of this collection as is not as rigid and rushed as the past two and i can take my time and do what I feel is right. I will likely produce around 20-25 pieces in total yet launch them over a number of weeks, there is just no need to rush this time! Plus I am keen for the first few pieces to be reviewed by Cara Fairbairn facebook fans to let me know I'm on the right track! Always grande to get feedback!

I am also thinking of doing a Gold Plated collection for the first time. Hmmmm? Still unsure as that will obviously make the pieces a bit more expensive yet i think the luxury look is grande for 2011 - recession? What recession!! I would be grande to inject a new passion into Cara Fairbairn Jewellery - possibly still enthusiastic from the New Year - but I'm thinking New Collection, New Location and New Direction. My Jewellery style is typically a vintage inspired looking oxidised aesthetic but i think its time for a change. I may also venture away from the freshwater pearl look, although classic - a women can never have enough Freshwater Pearls - it would be quite exciting to introduce a new exciting stone selection... mmmmm!! As you can probably guess I'm still developing the collection as i go - yet that's the fun bit! I am loving faceted Green Onyx at this moment - green onyx and gold plating... sounds yum!!

Life is also busy at Melissa McArthur Jewellery - just attended an Event at Top Drawer, Earls Court so looking like its going to be a busy and exciting Spring in London Town for Melissa McArthur also!! Loving the career prospects and the exciting opportunities in the air!!

Shall keep y'all posted with the progression of this collection, a few wee sneaks peaks at the first few pieces and see how it all goes..... woooooooopa!

Cara xx

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