Thursday, 6 January 2011

Okay okay ill put my hands up!! Been M.I.A for the majority of last year and been mighty poor on the blog delivery front, but with good excuses may i add! I upped sticks and moved to the big smoke to further the career and to grow as a designer - and its working!!

Been a busy busy 6 months but every minute of it has been worth it! Learning masses in the retail production side of contemporary jewellery by working for an Australian Jewellery Designer is the ohhhh so fancy Kings Road in Chelsea, and keeping myself amused and creative by pulling a few early mornings in the studio and keeping my creative flare flowing! I am happy to let you know that after a manic Christmas i will now be putting pen to paper and creative the third collection from Cara Fairbairn Contemporary Design - hopefully capturing the classic style yet pushing myself forward and applying new techniques! Happy Days!

So keep yourself posted and i promise - in fact one of my 11 new years resolutions for 2011 - to be far more faithful to this blog and let you know whats going on in the jewellery world of me!

So now to await the development of Collection Three.....

Cara xx

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